Never Take Your Audience For Granted. Never


Although this idea was always in my mind, I’d like to thank Gary Vaynerchuk for making this video which inspired me a lot to know that I am actually not alone in thinking this. But many people always look at the ‘numbers’ regarding things they do. Now I’ve done a video talking about ‘the numbers’ relating […]

You Can’t Be Afraid To Have The Hard Conversations, Sometimes

Having The Hard Conversations

It’s just a way of life for many of us. We’re afraid to have the hard conversations in life because we’re afraid. And rightly so. Having tough conversations might reveal things which we didn’t necessarily want to hear about us as people, our projects, our ideas, visions etc. In life, we constantly go after the […]

Drake’s Branding Is Undeniable At This Point

Drake Personal Branding

In this Interview segment done with me and the people at Mungz Media. I talked about the rapper Drake and his influence over music and seemingly Pop Culture at the moment. Drake’s Personal Branding is undeniable at this point. Here’s why I say that in this Interview below. For my fellow music and hip hop/rap […]

Words Of Motivation & Self Development 2

Words Of Motivation & Self Development 2

Check out the Words Of Motivation & Self Development – 1. Here – Words of Motivation & Self Development with myself, 2. Talking: – Consistency. – Authenticity. – Thinking About Long Term. And More………….. Download & Listen on the go.

Words Of Motivation & Self Development 1

Words Of Motivation & Self Development 1

Some words for you to take on the go. I’ve learnt about the ways that people digest content and I’ve seen that people take in content different ways. Taking content on the go is very important as well – it’s harder to take videos on the go, it’s less hard to take blogs on the […]

Building Influence In Your Industry: What I’ve Learnt

Sharing Some Busiiness Ideas

Recently I attended the Elite Business Event here in London, which was a quality Business Conference with a lot of different Brands and Companies there showcasing themselves. Along with this, there are normally talks given by individuals from the Companies on show as well as other notable Business people and Entrepreneurs. These are the main reasons […]

Being Consistent & Authentic Is Everything

Authentic and Consistent

Whatever you do, being consistent with it is seriously important. To be consistent with anything. It needs to be coming from an authentic place, to be a part of you. Authenticity is needed because it shows that you’re real. Real recognises real. Check out the video here talking more about it.

The Chase For ‘Numbers’ (Money, Likes, Followers etc)

The Chase For Numbers

In life, it’s all about the chase. It’s all about the numbers. How much ……….. do we have, how many ……….. do we have etc. It’s always about the numbers. In our chase to have the most numbers (money, followers, likes, retweets etc), many people hold that above everything else in life, even our own […]

The Importance Of Collaboration With Others

The Importance Of Collaboration

We all have dreams and goals and projects that we want to do in our lives. So naturally, if we are really passionate about them, we’ll work hard to achieve them. Often, many of us have our heads buried down in the ground so much working, that we fail to see the value that is […]

The Struggle Is Real…..And Necessary

The Struggle Is Real...And Necessary

For a long time, I wondered about this idea of ‘struggle’. Why was it necessary? Struggle is not a positive word at all. When I think of struggle I think of…..hard work, pain, torture etc. Why should I have to struggle? As I progressed more and more in life, I felt the need to ‘struggle’ […]