Chris Rock Passes ‘Comedy Torch’ To Kevin Hart. My Thoughts

Chris Rock and Kevin Hart

Recently, I saw on the Internet that Kevin Hart was named on the Time Magazine – “100 Most Influential People”, which is a great honour to be noticed for your influence and achievements. Especially for that to come from a career based off Stand Up Comedy, it makes that honour just that much more admirable. […]

Engaging Content Should Be The Foundation In Building Your Brand

The Brand Building Structure By Tonte Bo Douglas.

Building a Brand is hard. Do not think you can build one overnight. Personal or otherwise. It involves various steps of building trust, authority, credibility and value (as shown in my graphic above). In the graphic, is what I’ve seen from talking and hearing successful people who have built Brands, the format for Building a […]

My Reflection Of ‘Making It Big In Entrepreneurship’ Event By TNBT Media

Making It Big In Entrepreneurship by TNBT Media

Last night – Wednesday 15th April 2015. I happened to travel down to Mile End for the event held by TNBT Media – titled – “Making It Big In Entrepreneurship”. In this event there was advertised to be great speakers who were going to share stories about their Entrepreneurial journey and give some encouraging words for […]

Drake vs Kendrick Lamar vs J Cole: “The Who’s The Best?” Conversation

J Cole vs Kendrick Lamar vs Drake

The conversation which is seemingly being had in the Hip Hop Culture now is of – who is the best out of the new era of rappers –  with Drake, Kendrick Lamar and J Cole being the main 3 names being thrown around. The 3 artists have all released projects in the last 6 months […]

Why The Idea Behind “The Helium Balloon” By Wale Is Fascinating

Wale - The Album About Nothing

  Wale has always been one of the deeper thinkers in hip hop, something which is much needed in the game. Throughout his career he has provided interesting and creative outlooks on the Music Industry and life in general, through his own music. And on his new Album which is titled – “The Album About […]

To All New Music Artists. Please Add Something Original To The Game

To All New Music Artists

This is my first post about Personal Branding which is specifically geared to the Music genre. So let me give this a shot. The Dream It seems like every day, someone new becomes inspired to pick up a microphone and wants to start rapping and singing, with the eventual goal to be famous or well […]

Wrestlemania 31 Recap: The Not By Force Podcast

Wrestlemania 31 Recap

I recently started a new Podcast with my good friend, Itunu called the Not By Force Podcast. This Podcast will have discussions on topics that interest us, including Wrestling, Music, Everyday Topics etc. It will start off varying in discussion topics while we’re still finding our voices and our lanes, Podcast wise. In this first […]

Can Everybody Be Entrepreneurs?

Can Everybody Be Entrepreneurs

In a talk that I had for my Radio Show, the topic that I talked about was this idea of – “Can Everybody Be Entrepreneurs?”. In this talk I gave reference to examples of Entrepreneurs that I found interesting, but for the majority I explored the idea – what are the ‘characteristics’ of an Entrepreneur? […]

Make Sure You Know What You’re Talking About

Know Your Topics

I always like seeing and talking to people who know what they’re talking about. People that talk with conviction. This is something which can prove to be very important when building your Personal Brand. Know what you’re talking about. Building a Brand is as much to do with what you communicate Offline than Offline. So […]

Giving Tips For New Stand Up Comedians

Tips For New Stand Up Comedians

GIVING TIPS FOR NEW STAND UP COMEDIANS. Tips for new Stand Up Comedians. Starting to do Stand Up Comedy can be hard, so understanding your unique style, voice, brand of comedy, the concept that being great takes time and that every crowd and performance you do will be different, are ALL vital to know.